Life is full of roles. The role I value most is being Mom to my brilliant, insightful and beautiful daughter Vera whom I love with all my heart.

Our main focus as a family is getting her through this very scary diagnosis. We hope to share updates, stories and comments and support here.

We are so grateful you are here.


This used to be simply my portfolio site, so that lives here still. And here is a bit more about my creative pursuits.

My somewhat obsessive pursuits are painting, writing and interior decorating. They all feed and reflect each other and give me plenty of ground to grow and learn to contribute.

I am an aesthete, motivated to explore what I think is beautiful and share it.

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”

~Alice Walker


Painting is so many things. But most simply, it’s an analogy for life. Because it is temporal. A record of decisions, acting and reacting. And, as in life,  the tempo varies from capturing ideas as urgently as possible, to slow and deliberate accretions full of erasures and revisions. It’s about groping for freedom through taking risks, making discoveries, frequently admitting failure, sometimes creating something worth looking at.


Writing is simply the practice of finding order and clarity in your thoughts. It’s about reflecting and creating meaning through story.


I firmly believe it is not a frivolous indulgence to live in a space that reflects who you are, what you find beautiful. It’s essential to a life well lived.