Holding the Line

I wonder if we don’t all have some degree of cyclical highs and lows. Periods of great energy, flatter ones. Downright low spells. It’s really difficult some days to maintain the health and energy necessary to keep your outlook focussed on the positive. After the heady celebratory mood following the improvement apparent on Vera’s September…

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On Hope and Inspiration

The week or two leading up to Vera’s regular MRI’s are challenging. They are every 3 months. Before the last one, in September, I had a long night of fear, despair and tears, and finally I laid it at the mercy of, I don’t even know what to call it, God I guess. I prayed…

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Snow Day

Is it weird that I love the dark cold days of winter? Sure, by mid March we are depleted and over it, but this time of year? Late fall? I can’t wait for life to slow down. I have always been completely inept at rest. Racing against time to get take it all in, to…

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